Fish is a food that boasts a high nutritional value, a low caloric content and a high digestibility. All these features make it ideal the whole family feeding.

The choice to put fish food on the must take place in an accurate manner: it is necessary to check the presence of the label and verify its content. In particular, the name of the fish, the place of provenance and whether it has been fished or if it is breeding must be reported on the same. Furthermore, to be sure of the freshness of the product, it is good to follow these further precautions:

purchase from a trusted shopkeeper;

choose products caught in Italian seas;

prefer medium-sized fish;;

pay attention to the fish smell, which, if quality, smells of sea or seaweed;

check that the eye is convex and not portrayed inwards and that the color is bright;

note that the meat is compact and elastic and that the gills are red;

buy only exclusively alive mulluscs;

if there is water between the valves, verify that it has the smell of the sea.

Una volta scelto il pesce di stagione, di provenienza certa e di freschezza verificata, si rivela di fondamentale importanza l’accurato trasporto e la giusta conservazione domestica. Il pescato va conservato in modo che non subisca sbalzi termici, va pulito con cura ed eventualmente conservato in frigo ben asciutto.

It is also preferable to choose only the seasonal species, in order not to affect the marine balance. For example, in spring it is preferable to consume mackerel, gurnard, sea bass, sea bream, pagello, while in summer it is easy to find sole and sardine. In autumn it is recommended the consumption of sea bass and chickens while in the winter of yellowtail, clams, octopus and cuttlefish.

Once the seasonal fish has been chosen, safely sourced and freshness verified, the accurate transport and the right domestic preservation is of fundamental importance. The fish must be stored in such a manner that they are not exposed conserved to sudden changes in temperature, it should be carefully cleaned and possibly kept in a well-dried fridge.