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On the basis of Osteria Antica Marina experience Godchef products are created. Is the culmination of a dream for Salvo Campisi and Giovanni Leonardi, respectively owner and chef of the Catania restaurant, both eager to bring the best of their restaurant's cuisine even in the homes of its customers.

The Godchef products are the result of the use of recipes handed down from generation to generation, carefully revisited without however distorting the original taste and that provide the choice of only raw materials of the Sicilian territory
With the sauces, sauces and of the Godchef of Catania preserves it is possible to bring Sicily to the table, with its authentic flavors.

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean and bathed by three seas, the island has made fishing its primary source of income and food supply. The fish is consumed by the population at all times of the year and the protagonist of the specialties of the restaurant and of the products bearing the brand Godchef could only be the best fishing.
The sauces ready, in particular, are the "main dish" of chef Leonardi. It is enough to mix them with your favorite pasta and here is ready a first worthy of the best Italian restaurant.

Last but not least, the sauces, ideal for garnish the meat or fish or to spread on croutons. Tradition and modernity blend in each jar.

Among the side dishes stand out the caponata, poor dish par excellence, which never fails on the tables of Sicilian doc, ideal to accompany with fragrant homemade bread.

Not only sauces, sauces and side dishes: Godchef also signs the latter, naturally based on fish, such as the caponata of tuna or swordfish combined with excellent local aubergines.
Wines, extra-virgin olive oil and coffee complete the brand's offer.

To learn more about all Godchef products, visit http://www.godchef.it/

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