La Pescheria Catania

The Osteria Antica Marina is located in the heart of the historical center of the Sicilian town, particularly in La Pescheria di Catania. Here, outdoors and indoor, every day, since the late 800, you can sell and buy excellent fresh fish and beyond.

In the Pescheria, time seems to stand still and the ancient art of bargain has been taking place with the same emphasis for centuries. Simply calling it the fish market, however, seems extremely reductive: a 'piscaria, as it is called by the people of Catania, is a story, a multisensory experience: a pleasantly chaotic combination of sounds, noises, smells and colors.

La Pescheria kicks into life until the first lights of dawn when the fishmongers begin to display their merchandise on the balades of marble: octopus, amberjack, swordfish, tuna, cod, dentex, clams, shrimp and fresh lobsters result of the previous night fishing stand out for their bright colors. Shortly later first customers arrive igo looking of the best fish at a special price. The ancient buildings that line the small streets of the old town, dark as they are built with the traditional lava stone, surround the negotiations and purchases. The smell of the sea and the fresh fish tend to fill the air and in some spots they mix with the freshly baked bread from local bakeries.

The screaming fishermen, just off their boats, are the real protagonists of what can be called a real social event. With their abbanniate, the term used to define their screams, welcome regular customers and visitors accompanying the first ones during the daily shopping and the second ones in their tourist journey. A historic meeting place for the whole community, a 'piscaria has in fact also become an obligatory stop for tourists wishing to discover the true essence of the baroque city.

The market, in fact, is located just behind the Cathedral of Catania as well as a few steps from the statue of the famous elephant, the Liotro and the fountain of the Amenano, the river that runs below Catania.