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Osteria Antica Marina Catania
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A small and cozy restaurant located in the historical section of the town, where simple, fresh and appetizing dishes can be enjoyed prepared with quality raw materials following the most ancient recipes of the typical Sicilian cuisine. The profile as outlined above belongs to Osteria Antica Marina di Catania.

The restaurant is located in the heart of the famous Pescaria, a'piscaria for the people of Catania, the town's fish market. It is the ideal place, perfectly integrated in the historical and cultural context of the place, to have lunch and dinner to discover the real tastes of the island traditional sea-based cuisine.

Overlooking what from the end of '800 is the most famous meeting and exchange place in Catania, as well as a tourist stop par excellence, its name comes from the so-called Archi of the Marina, the historic nineteenth-century viaduct which links the central station to the center of the town.

The tavern offers its guests dishes based on fresh fish cooked following simple recipes handed down through generations. The taste of each specialty, in fact, are determined exclusively by the use of poor but very high quality ingredients, skillfully combined with each other.

Some original tasting menus and a rich à la carte menu characterize the restaurant's culinary offer. In a minimal atmosphere, raw and cooked appetizers are served, first courses, second courses, unique dishes and side dishes prepared with fishing of the day and a few other basic ingredients for an authentic culinary experience.

Osteria Antica Marina brings its own delicacies even outside its historical and characteristic location thanks to the catering and banqueting services developed for small and large events to be held abroad. It also offers a valid advisory service to those wishing to start up new catering activities.

The restaurant is situated in Pardo street n.29 with the following opening days and times: from Monday to Sunday, except Wednesday, from 12:00 to 15:00 and from 19:00 to 23:00.

The following telephone numbers are available to reserve a table,: +39 095 348197 -
+39 392 7751011.